Monday, 22 March 2010

The Mouth of the Truth

The Mouth of the Truth represents the head of a faunus and maybe it was the trapdoor of a sewer, used to judge whether a person said the truth or not. According to the legend, whoever inserting the hand was a liar, he had had the hand cut down. One day the wife of a rich roman man is accused of adultery and brought to the Mouth of the Truth. There are people gathering and all of a sudden a crazy man, in reality her lover, kisses the woman in front of everybody. The people gathered want to kill the man but the woman defends him asking the Mouth to prove that she had kissed in her life only her husband and this crazy man. So she puts the hand inside but nothing happens to the great satisfaction of the husband and great disappointment of the Mouth itself which has been so bravely challenged by a woman. Today this is one of the most popular photo stops in the city.